Am 07.04.2011 17:44, schrieb Ford, Kevin:

> Actually, it appears to depend on whose Authority record you're looking at.  The Canadians, Australians, and Israelis have it as a CorporateName (110), as do the French (210 - unimarc); LC and the Germans say it's a Geographic Name.

No, the original "England" record linked to VIAF in the German GND says
it is a "Gebietskörperschaft", which is a corporate body in English.
See and the RDF representation
Perhaps something went "wrong" in the mapping of the German authority
record to MARC21, so "England" got into the 151 (or there might be good
reasons to do it that way, ask metadata experts...). The original record
is not maintained in MARC21, we don't do MARC21 (or any MARC at all)
here, we are just starting to switch to it as future(!) exchange
format... :-).
Sorry for being pedantic, early morning and not enough coffee yet...


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