I am a list admin for other lists hosted here at Notre Dame, and the times I have had problems like Ralph has reported, they are usually because:

* the DNS is reporting a mismatch for the outbound mail server between IP address and hostname
* the subscribers addresses are actually sent out as a different address than the one that the subscriber is subscribed with
* the mail host has been flagged as an open relay for spam and other nastiness, and go gets blacklisted

Ralph, did you folks recently change anything with your mail servers?  Please respond to me off-list and I can put you in touch with the primary listserv admin here at ND.  Thanks!

  - pascal

Pascal Calarco
Head, Library Information Systems
Hesburgh Libraries, University of Notre Dame

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I haven't seen this problem, but I guess I haven't sent a message to the list recently. We'll see what happens when this goes out.

We've been having a similar problem with other listserv lists (autocat and oclc-cat) since the beginning of March. We just stopped getting mail from these lists but are still subscribed.

Our mail admins have been working on it in conjunction with counterparts from the hosting institutions but no resolution as yet.

Michael Kreyche
Systems Librarian / Associate Professor
University Libraries
Kent State University

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> When an OCLC staff member sends a message to this list (and possibly
> all
> lists) the rest of us in the company don't see the message.  Worse yet,
> the company email system rejects the email to us and the sending
> listserv eventually gets tired of that and unsubscribes us from the
> list.
> We can't be the only ones with this problem.  Does anyone have a
> suggestion on how we fix it?
> Thanks!
> Ralph