The public knowledge project has another software developer position available. See below, from

(April 11, 2011)

Interested in an chance to do some good before doing well? We are hiring PHP developers to work with the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), an open-source peace corps based at a number of universities that is challenging and changing how university research is shared with the world. Scientists in developing countries use our software to ensure that their journals are now seen and heard on a global basis. Scholars taking on daring new topics use our software to share what they are learning with the world for free. We provide the leading open source alternative for running rigorously reviewed journals, books, and conferences, so that the knowledge, rather than supporting the share-holder value of corporate publishers, can simply and effectively bring its light to a greater part of the world.

As a member of the PKP team, you are able to work where you want on highly flexible terms. You will have opportunities to travel, participate in conferences and workshops, and interact with a growing international community of users in the academic and publishing worlds. This is a fixed-term contract with a probationary period and good potential for continuing work. Salary is negotiable based on qualifications and experience.

Qualifications include:

	 experience with current web development technology, especially PHP and JavaScript.
	 experience with SQL (esp. MySQL and PostgreSQL), Apache, and Linux server administration.
Additional consideration given for:
	 knowledge of, or experience with, PKP software (e.g. Open Journal Systems) or a similar open source project is valuable but not necessary.
	 experience with current interface development using AJAX, JQuery, or similar tools.
Interested applicants should send the following:

	 a cover letter containing a summary of their experience, and at least two references;
	 a copy of their resume; and
	 PHP code samples.
to Brian Owen, Associate University Librarian ([log in to unmask]). This posting will remain open until filled.


The Public Knowledge Project is a federally funded research initiative at Simon Fraser University, Stanford University, and the University of British Columbia. PKP was established by Dr. John Willinsky in 1998. It seeks to improve the scholarly and public quality of academic research through the development of innovative online environments. PKP has developed free, open source software for the management, publishing, and indexing of journals and current conferences. The PKP software suite is comprised of three modules in production: Open Journal Systems, Open Conference Systems, Open Harvester System, and one in development: Open Monograph Press. Visit PKP and have a look at the software and code.