I've released a circulation integration system called Nostos that I
think many libraries might find useful. The core feature is to
automatically create short records for returnables in a target system
(e.g. your ILS) from a source system (e.g. ILL). Then, you can perform
circ transactions from a single system instead of two. This streamlines
a patron's experience, but also improves staff workflows and


You can find the code on Github:
It is written in Ruby on Rails. It's v0.0.1 so it may be a bit rough on
the edges. Though, we are actively using this at UMass Boston and has
been performing well.


Currently, I have written a source driver for Illiad and a target driver
for Voyager. If you are familiar with Ruby and have previously
configured FreeTDS for accessing MS SQL Server and your Voyager SIP
server you should be able to install and configure it within a few
minutes and be up to speed.


I've kept this first version rather Spartan though I plan to add
additional features (e.g. syncing circulation statuses between systems,
admin web interface, etc) to further improve its value. 


I am open to feedback and/or collaborators if anyone is interested. Feel
free to contact me, add any issues to Github, or even send a pull


Brice Stacey

Digital Library Services

University of Massachusetts Boston

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