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The JHOVE2 project team has released the 2.0.0 version of the open source software on the project's Mercurial source code repository at BitBucket, <>.


This release supports all the major technical objectives of the project, including a more sophisticated, modular architecture; signature-based file identification; policy-based assessment of objects; recursive characterization of objects comprising aggregate files and files arbitrarily nested in containers; and extensive configuration and reporting options.  It provides a stabile interface against which developers can code new format modules.


Format modules included in this release are:


·         ICC color profiles

·         SGML

·         Shapefile

·         TIFF

·         UTF-8

·         WAVE

·         XML

·         Zip


Please note that the ZIP module comprises a non-validating partial module, which accomplishes recursive JHOVE2 descent on the contents of the ZIP file, but does not yet validate the ZIP file itself against the standard.


Modules to be delivered in future releases include


·         ARC  (developed by BnF/Atos)

·         Gzip (developed by BnF/Atos)

·         NetCDF (provided by Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research) PDF

·         JPEG-2000

·         PDF


More information on JHOVE2 can be found at the project wiki, <>, or via email on the "JHOVE2-Announce-L" email list.  Please direct any comments or suggestions to the "JHOVE2-TechTalk-L" mailing list for community discussion.  <>




Stephen Abrams, California Digital Library

Tom Cramer, Stanford University

Sheila Morrissey, Portico


on behalf of the JHOVE2 project team


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