Dear NDSA,

We have a remarkable slate of candidates for the inaugural NDSA Coordinating Committee. Biographies of each of the candidates are in the attached PDF. Information about the candidates can also be found at:   The voting period is April 1, 2011 through April 15, 2011.

Vote before April 15, 2011 at

NDSA is a network of communities and has identified Inclusiveness as a key value common to all members.
Honoring the value of Inclusiveness, please select at least one (1) candidate from each community and no more than nine (9) candidates total.

Micah Altman, Harvard University
G. Sayeed Choudhury, Johns Hopkins University
Amy Pienta, ICPSR
Tyler Walters, Virginia Tech

Commercial Content
                Gene Mopsik, AMPAS
                John Spencer, BMS/Chace

Federal Government
                Blane Dessy, FLICC

                Michele Kimpton, DuraSpace
                Amy Kirchhoff, Portico

State Government
                Glen Cook, Alaska State Library and Archives

Information about the Coordinating Committee
The Coordinating Committee is dedicated to the advancement of Alliance activities and furthering communication within the Alliance.

The Coordinating Committee works with the Working Groups to articulate a long-term, strategic vision for the Alliance. The Committee assists the Alliance Members in evaluating the effectiveness of the Working Groups and eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort between the Working Groups. Participants in the Coordinating Committee will act as liaison with one or more of the Working Groups. The Coordinating Committee will recommend for the creation of new Working Groups or to disband Working Groups that are no longer actively serving the needs of the Alliance.

The Coordinating Committee is responsible for updating eligibility standards for membership in the Alliance as necessary. Coordinating Committee members may be nominated by Participants in the Alliance or may self nominate. Coordinating Committee members are elected by a simple majority of all votes cast over an open voting period, typically two weeks. The number of Coordinating Committee members shall be no more than nine (9). Coordinating Committee members shall serve in staggered appointments of one, two or three years through December 31, 2013, or their resignation.

The Coordinating Committee members should represent the various communities that make up the NDSA.

The Program Representative or a designated proxy of each member organization of the NDSA may vote for up to 9 (nine) Coordinating Committee members.

Thank you all.

Best regards,


Michelle Gallinger
Digital Programs Coordinator
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20007
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