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Peter, I was there for a couple of the talks and thought it went well.  
Obviously, practice will make ... better.

> Second, some comments I got were about cranky Java applets and  
> applications.  LYRASIS has two conference tools at its disposal --  
> Java-based Centra and Flash-based Acrobat Connect -- and I chose  
> Centra because running Flash on LINUX is an issue.  Maybe this will  
> need to be revisited (or maybe there is another Java-based  
> conference system that can do better).

Having tried various packages, none is ideal. My experience this time  
was that I couldn't get sound when I came in through the browser (on a  
Mac), but once I got the software running things were fine.

> Third, since we were not limited by space and other timing  
> constraints, can the five-minutes-per-presenter limit be relaxed?  I  
> have mixed feelings about this; I think defined time limits promote  
> better presentations, but the four presentations this first  
> go-around went to the end of the five minute time limit and there  
> was no opportunity for questions or audience interaction.

I like the precise time for the presentation, but don't really care if  
it's 5 minutes or 6 or 7... It's hard to know what to do about  
questions because they can cause things to drag on. Taking questions  
at the end means that folks who wanted to hear a specific talk can  
plan their time and drop off when they're done. But it also means  
keeping the speakers around the whole time. Maybe fewer speakers if  
there is to be a question period?


> On the whole, it seemed like a positive experience from my  
> perspective and from that of the feedback I've received so far.  I'm  
> going to start a conversation thread in Code4LibCon (where all of  
> the Code4Lib meeting planning discussion takes place) to see if it  
> is worthwhile to do again and to identify what should be done  
> differently.  If you are interested, please consider joining and  
> contributing to the discussion.  Or e-mail me privately and I'll  
> reflect your comments into the group discussion.
> Peter
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