Hi All,


The NDSA Content Group's survey of member use of existing
digitization/preservation registries closes TOMORROW (5/6) at 5pm. So
far we have gotten 15 responses from 75 Alliance members. We'd really
like to have as many Alliance responses to this five question survey as
we possibly can. If your institution hasn't responded yet, we hope
you'll take a few moments to add your response.


The original call is below. Thanks in advance for your answers! - Daniel
Cornwall, Chair Content Registry Action Team


Dear Alliance Members,


The Content Registry Action Team needs your help for three minutes. We
have been charged with investigating whether to build a registry of
digital projects being preserved by Alliance members. The first step in
this process is to see if there is already a project registry in
existence that Alliance members are using.


Our team has identified a number of registries for digital projects and
would like to know if your institution uses them. We have created a FIVE
question survey at which we
estimate will take between three and five minutes to complete. Ideally
one person per institution should take this survey. 


Please take a few moments to take our survey. We will make the results
public after the survey closes on Friday, May 6, 2011. Your three
minutes will help determine whether the Alliance builds its own registry
tool or works with an existing project. 


For more about our team, visit the NDSA wiki at
Registry_Action_Team.  If you'd like to see what registries our team has
identified, check out


Thanks in advance for your three minute contribution towards making
preservation projects more visible. 


-          Daniel Cornwall, chair Content Registry Action Team



Daniel Cornwall

Head of Technical and Imaging Services

Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums

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Juneau, AK 99811-0571
Phone (907) 465-6332 

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