Hi David,

How about exporting it as/to XML?

I've used XSLT to transform some XML data from an Access database to data
compliant MaRC (it's not a proper cataloguing record, but good enough for
our needs). If it's in a delimited format, then it should be possible to do
something - it's a matter of mapping the fields to fields for a MaRC like

If you can get it into MaRCXML, then use the wonderul MaRCedit to convert to
MaRC in UTF8 or whatever.

Just a thought.


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> Has anyone had any experience mapping book data from PastPerfect 4 into
> MARC format for import to a library system? We have about 550 book records
> from an old version of PastPerfect that we are no longer using, and want to
> import them into our MARC-based library database.
> It appears that the vendor used to have an add-on called ezMARC that would
> do this, but they are no longer making it in version 5, and I'm not sure if
> it might still be available for version 4. I also don't know how effective
> it is -- would like to have a testimonial from someone before we spend money
> to buy add ons to a product we're no longer using!
> I have all the data and could obviously map it manually. But I would
> obviously prefer to have a ready-made filter as a starting point.
> Ideas?
> -David
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