Hi Anj,

Nice to see your name again after meeting briefly at UW when you were coming
and I was leaving for Boston!

I doubt I'll be able to attend the conference this year but I've put the
word out to the group of Ex Libris and Endeavor alumni that I manage on
LinkedIn.  Many people now work for other library technology companies.
Will let you know if anything useful comes back.

Here's a copy of my promotional message, in case others on the list want to
try their own networks.  It might help our cause if someone could add a link
about sponsorships to the conference section of the website.

--- promotional blurb ---

c4l -- code4lib is a unique conference that attracts a small but influential
group of library technologists each year. Next year's conference is Feb 6-9,
2012 in Seattle, WA. They are still seeking vendor sponsorships -- great
visibility with influential folks for a fraction of the cost of ALA!   If
you can help, please contact me privately through <<your preferred contact
method here>>.<>

-- promotional blurb ---

Susan Kane
Harvard University OIS