Hello! I've recently built a Koha ILS for my institutions OPAC, and we've
run into quite a few snags. Hoping I could connect with someone on here that
knows a bit about Koha and/or Library Thing For Libraries, as we've
integrated them both.

Firstly, when using LTFL, tags are imported to a separate tag cloud than
tags originally made from Koha. We are trying to combine these into one tag
cloud instead, but can't figure out how.

Second- LTFL comes with a "tag browser", a separate search engine for the
LTFL tags. We are trying to get the html for just the tag browser so that we
can embed it into our front page.

Help, please!
Caitlin McGurk

Caitlin McGurk
The Schulz Library
The Center for Cartoon Studies <>
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