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> What are the reasons that this sort of integration not more  
> widespread? Are they technical or institutional? What can be done by  
> producers of open access content to make this work better and  
> easier? Are "unified" approaches being touted by vendors delivering  
> something really different?

I've been struggling with this around the Open Library digital texts:  
how can we make them available to libraries through their catalogs?  
When I look at the install documentation for Umlaut [1](I was actually  
hoping to find a "technical requirements" list), it's obvious that it  
takes developer chops. We're not going to find that in a small,  
medium, or often even a large public library. It seems to me that this  
kind of feature will not be widely available until it is included in  
ILS software, since that's what most libraries have.

Does this mean that we should be meeting with library vendors and  
chatting them up about this? Or showing it to librarians so they can  
ask their vendor for it? Is it ok for this open code to be absorbed  
into proprietary systems?


> Looking forward, I wonder whether the "print-first, then enrich with  
> digital" strategy required by today's infrastructure and work flow  
> will decline compared to a more Googlish web-first strategy.
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