On 6/15/2011 1:46 PM, Kevin S. Clarke wrote:
> What is the problem we're trying to solve again?  Do we think that the
> recent conferences have cost too much for the attendees?  That this
> year's will cost too much?  Are we worried about not finding places to
> host in the future?  Are we worried about needing the level of
> sponsorship that we currently do?

I guess I'm worried that conferences have become more expensive and more 
work to put on. This means:

a) It's harder to find people to host, and harder for them to do it in a 
way that makes the community happy, and that doesn't destroy themselves.

b) They need to find a lot more sponsorship, which is risky, and 
potentially means giving sponsors privileges that change the nature or 
feel of the conf.

This thread began with a suggestion from current conf hosts that they 
need to find more things to give sponsors. Which reminded me of last 
year's sponsored banquet, which ended up not having a presentation from 
the vendor, but which was supposed to, which I would not have liked, 
having a sponsor deliver a presentation to a captive conf audience in 
return for sponsorship.