On 6/16/2011 11:35 AM, Dan Scott wrote:
> You're aware of the recent addition of the OpenLibrary Read API, which is meant to simplify exactly this problem, right?

I'm still a bit confused/miffed about the fact that Internet Archive has 
MANY texts which are not included in "Open Library".  Like all of 
Project Gutenberg.

So using the OL API's, you miss all that stuff.  Which is why I've been 
resisting switching to the OL API's. (I originally wrote my Umlaut code 
before OL existed, using some hacky Internet Archive API (or rather Atom 
results from a URL template) instead).

However, with the recent additions to the OL API's, they are SO much 
better then what I'm using, that at some point I'll switch, despite the 
fact that it means searching a smaller corpus.

I'm still a bit confused about what IA wants to be the relationship 
between Open Library and the rest of content hosted on Internet Archive, 
which includes some bibliographic content not included in OL.  If anyone 
from IA can explain, it would be helpful.