Call for Papers (and apologies for cross-posting):

The Code4Lib Journal (C4LJ) exists to foster community and share
information among those interested in the intersection of libraries,
technology, and the future.

We are now accepting proposals for publication in our 15 issue.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences.
To be included in the 15th issue, which is scheduled for publication
in late October 2011, please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals at or to [log in to unmask] 
by Friday, July 29, 2011.  When submitting, please include the title  
or subject of the proposal in the subject line of the email message.

C4LJ encourages creativity and flexibility, and the editors welcome
submissions across a broad variety of topics that support the mission
of the journal.  Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

* Practical applications of library technology (both actual and 
* Technology projects (failed, successful, or proposed), including 
  how they were done and challenges faced
* Case studies
* Best practices
* Reviews
* Comparisons of third party software or libraries
* Analyses of library metadata for use with technology
* Project management and communication within the library environment
* Assessment and user studies

C4LJ strives to promote professional communication by minimizing the
barriers to publication.  While articles should be of a high quality,
they need not follow any formal structure.  Writers should aim for the
middle ground between blog posts and articles in traditional refereed
journals.  Where appropriate, we encourage authors to submit code
samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code.  For more information, visit
C4LJ's Article Guidelines or browse articles from the first 14 issues
published on our website:

Remember, for consideration for the 15th issue, please send proposals,
abstracts, or draft articles to [log in to unmask] no later than 
Friday, July 29, 2011.

Send in a submission.  Your peers would like to hear what you are doing.

Code4Lib Journal Editorial Committee