It's generally a bad idea to bundle them together in the same package
(e.g. the same Drupal installation), but it's probably wise to use the
same CMS to minimize overhead (technical, training, etc).

With that said, I implemented both on the same installation. It's a
nightmare in the long run (particularly securing uploaded files,
ensuring SSL for the intranet, restricting access to intranet to certain
IP range, updating the intranet without disrupting the public website,
etc), but it's the most easy to get up to speed (all you have to do is
create a new content type and restrict read/write access to specific

Brice Stacey

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Hi All,

Do any of you work in libraries that use the same content management
system for both their intranet and public websites?  I'm interested in
learning what tool and how well (or not) you like it.  I'm especially
interested in hearing from those of you involved in the selection and
implementation of these tools.

Thank you in advance,