I'd probably do:

<name type="personal">
	<namePart>Taylor, Mike</namePart>
		<roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator">cph</roleTerm>
		<roleTerm type="text" authority="marcrelator">Copyright holder</roleTerm>

That could be used either in the main record, or inside <relatedItem> as
Ray suggested if you're just referring to the abstract.

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On 6/13/11 11:46 AM, "Mike Taylor" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>So far as I can make out from the element descriptions at
>and related pages, there seems to be no way to express in MODS who the
>copyright holder of a work is -- which seems strange, as you CAN state
>the copyright date.
>Am I missing something?
>(The <publisher> element is not the answer here, as it's not at all
>unusual for the copyright to be held by someone other than the
>publisher -- the author, for example.)