One can set up an OAI "static repository" without a repository infrastructure.  It is not without ongoing costs in staff time, exporting metadata records from their source, converting to appropriate XML or other format files, and keeping it updated and synced.  There is some static repository gateway software out there.


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> Can anyone direct me towards documentation on creating an OAI feed 
> from scratch, without a repository infrastructure?

Setting up an OAI feed -- becoming an OAI data provider -- without a repository infrastructure would be challenging, to say the least. To learn more one would need to first read the OAI-PMH specification. [1] You would then need to write a program to support the OAI verbs (identify, listSets, etc.). All of the metadata in the resulting "feed" would need to come from some place, and this place is usually a database of some sort. You have a database listing your content, right? 

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