You might want to take a look at the XC OAI Toolkit. 

The Toolkit  provides an infrastructure.  It was designed to take MARC
and convert to MARCXML and serve that data up in an OAI repository, and
in XC's end to end system this is the entry point for ILS data.  You
should be able to use the "Modify" step along with an XSLT to convert to

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

Right now, I'm just exploring the options for a potential project. We
to make our MARC records available as Dublin Core via OAI-PMH. We don't
a digital repository or similar infrastructure at the moment, so I'll
take a
look at the OAI Static Repository documentation.

I'd really like to upgrade our catalog to something like VuFind (no
about maintaining a static repository any more), but I haven't had time
explore hooking VuFind into our existing Virtua database. It'd probably
more efficient to just figure out and implement VuFind because of the
of other benefits.

Thanks again. If anyone's using VuFind as a discovery interface to a
backend, let me know!


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> Greetings list,
> Can anyone direct me towards documentation on creating an OAI feed
> scratch, without a repository infrastructure?
> Many thanks!
> Nathan Tallman
> Associate Archivist
> American Jewish Archives