I'd be interested in a ContentDM wiki. I don't like closed communities
either, so I planned to put everything on github. UMass Boston just got
CDM and I'll be working on it a lot this Summer. 

Brice Stacey

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Is there a (current) CONTENTdm support group?

Subject tells it all really, I've found some really old wikis and a 
bunch of unhelpful Powerpoints via Google. The forum on the official 
page seems to be pretty much dormant. Is there an untainted forum for 
CONTENTdm users/hackers/victims out there? I've pretty much given up on 
the OCLC support, but I've made some advances to share, and met some 
roadblocks to ask about.

If there isn't one, I could probably set something up, if there's