The GeographicArea codes have been available from [1] in XML [2] since at least late 2007 [3].  I can't say with 100% certainty that the XML structure has remained perfectly consistent since 2007, but eyeballing the 2007 version and comparing it to currently available file suggests that the structure has remained consistent.

The GACS codes are also available from ID, as has been pointed out.  The entire list is available for download at [4].  Let me acknowledge, though, that the labels for the URIs (incidentally, the GACS code is the last token of the URI)  are not part of the RDF/N-triples/JSON at [5].  This sounds like a feature request - and a useful one at that.  Would that be an accurate interpretation of this thread?



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> The result was that a few meetings later LC announced that they
> had coded the MARC online pages in XML, and were generating the HTML
> from that. I think I was mis-understood.

No doubt, but man if they'd then just SHARE that XML with us at a persistent URL, and keep the structure of that XML the same, that'd be really useful!