I found the paper about vocabularies interesting.  I was in China last week at a workshop that was discussing Linked Data, among other things, related to a FAO initiative I have been involved in.  While I was there I heard about a recently funded project (to the tune of $12 million US) involving a few institution in China that is going to create what they're calling a super thesauri (called STKOS) that will be a comprehensive vocabulary for medical, engineering, science, and agriculture (all in English).  They're talking about mapping some very large thesauri such as UMLS and Agrovoc to this new thesaurus.

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  * LLD Vocabularies and Datasets - Enumerated various
    library-related metadata element sets, value vocabularies, and
    datasets. In combination, these thing support the creation,
    maintenance, ad use of Library Linked Data (LLD). I was
    pleasantly surprised at the number of items in each enumeration.
    The next step is to put them into practice to a greater degree.

[2] vocabularies - 

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