People working on identity/identifiers will be interested in this workshop. Note that travel funding is available -- see below.


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From: Gudmundur A. Thorisson <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 12:37 PM
Subject: IRISC2011 workshop on identity in research and scholarly communication, Sep 12-13, Helsinki
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Hi all. We are organizing an event which may be of interest to members of this list:

 Title: Identity in research infrastructure and scientific communication - IRISC2011
 Date: 1pm Monday Sep 12th to 4pm Tuesday Sep 13th
 Place: CSC premises, Helsinki, Finland
 Main workshop website:
 Lanyrd social conference directory:

See further event details below and online.

For those who are interested in the topic but perhaps aren't able to come (NB see note on travel support below), by all means feel free to follow and contribute to the online discusssion leading up to and during the event (Twitter hashtag #irisc2011). In particular, we're looking for input from the community on one of the breakout sessions (, chaired Cameron Neylon and Jason Priem who are both on this list I think.

Best regards,

                       Mummi, Leicester


The 1 1/2 day IRISC2011 workshop is being organized by GEN2PHEN (, University of Leicester (, CSC ( and FIMM ( with sponsorship from the Wellcome Trust ( and FIMM.  IRISC2011 will bring together representatives from communities of identity experts, users, publishers, funders and other stakeholders under two main interrelated themes:

i) identifying & attributing authors/creators of scholarly works, with a focus on ORCID (
ii) identification for access management/security purposes, i.e. authentication & authorization with a focus on on federated identity management.

Specific workshop aims include:

* Raising overall awareness of key technical and non-technical challenges, opportunities and developments
* Facilitating a dialogue, cross-pollination of ideas, collaboration and coordination between diverse - and largely unconnected - communities
* Identifying & discussing existing/emerging technologies, best practices and requirements for researcher identification

The workshop format will be a combination of i) traditional plenary sessions, each followed by moderated discussion, and ii) at least two parallel, interactive breakout sessions which will focus on up to several topics within each main theme*. Confirmed speakers include representatives from eduGAIN, TERENA, ORCID, CrossRef, Open Identity Exchange, ELIXIR and others. Further information, including workshop agenda, speaker lineup and venue/travel information**, is available on

* Plenary sessions are close to finalized, but there is still considerable scope for influencing the breakout sessions (or even for additional breakouts). Don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to contribute.

** There is a limited pool of funds available for contributing towards participants' travel and accommodation costs. This support is available to students, junior faculty and others with limited access to travel funds.

On behalf of the IRISC organizers:

 Gudmundur A. Thorisson and Prof Anthony J Brookes,  University of Leicester / GEN2PHEN
 Tommi Nyronen and Mikael Linden, CSC - IT Center for Science
 Juha Muilu and Myles Byrne, FIMM - Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine / GEN2PHEN