I've thought about using JPEG page images instead of PDFs to serve our scanned newspapers, which also have sizes ranging upwards of 100MB+, with a link to download the PDF as a fallback for people who really want that.  The downside is having to do the bulk conversion, manage the extra files, etc.

Another option would be a flash frontend.  Someone already mentioned Google, and I've also seen some use of (our campus newspaper currently uses them).  There are also options you could integrate into your own site, such as FlexPaper (  You still have to upload and/or convert your files, but you retain a PDF-like display in the browser.

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On 08/3/2011, at 7:36 PM, Ranti Junus wrote:

> Dear All,
> My colleague came with this query and I hope some of you could give us some
> ideas or suggestion:
> Our Digital Multimedia Center (DMC) scanning project can produce very large
> PDF files. They will have PDFs that are about 25Mb and some may move into
> the 100Mb range. If we provide a link to a PDF of that large, a user may not
> want to try to download it even though she really needs to see the
> information. In the past, DMC has created a lower quality, smaller versions
> to the original file to reduce the size. Some thoughts have been tossed
> around to reduce the duplication or the work (e.g. no more creating the
> lower quality PDF manually.)
> They are wondering if there is an application that we could point to the end
> user, who might need it due to poor internet access, that if used will
> simplify the very large file transfer for the end user. Basically:
> - a client software that tells the server to manipulate and reduce the file
> on the fly
> - a server app that would to the actual manipulation of the file and then
> deliver it to the end user.
> Personally, I'm not really sure about the client software part. It makes
> more sense to me (from the user's perspective) that we provide a "download
> the smaller size of this large file" link that would trigger the server-side
> apps to manipulate the big file. However, we're all ears for any suggestions
> you might have.
> thanks,
> ranti.
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