Are we allowed to vote for more than 1 person or just 1 person? 


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] LAST DAY for Code4Lib 2012 Keynote nominations!

The time has come! Today is the last day to nominate a speaker for Code4Lib 2012 in Seattle!
For anyone sitting on nominations that they've been too lazy to log into the wiki to post, now is the time to post them! We'll be closing the nominations promptly-ish at midnight-ish Eastern time. So hurry on to the Code4Lib wiki and post those noms. Not that kind of nom! NOM, NOM, NOM...

Post your nominations with a brief bio here:
Nominees need not have backgrounds in coding or libraries, but we tend towards the geeky in these parts, so keep that in mind.
Feel free to also share your nominations with the list for discussion and/or ridicule, but only names on the wiki at the close of the nomination period will be added to the poll.

Voting will commence sometime this week, once Ross gets the Dieboldatron tuned up.
See you in Seattle!
Dre, on behalf of the Code4Lib 2012 Nomination Committee