Have you looked into Sedna Presenter?

ActivateTheSpace (US distributor):

Here's the link to the iPad Player:

I'm pretty sure I recall the capability to disable the home button via software

I've used Sedna Presenter in the past, it has a wide set of features that allows you to do pretty much anything.

For example I've used it in tandem with an Emergency Alert System so that when an SMS text message is sent it triggers special playlist/screen on Sedna and displays alert messages and live video streams etc...

Thatís just scratching the surface!

Here are some mounts:

SavantAV also has some mounts (as well as room control/smart classroom software)

Hope these links help!

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On 8/19/11 8:48 AM, "Edward Iglesias" <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:

Apologies if this has been covered already but do any of you have experience
using iPads as kiosks?  We would like to set up several as directional
beacons with a sot of "you are here" feature.  I've found several apps to do
the kiosk feature but the home button seems to be an issue.  Suggestions
include a case that locks out the home button such as this


Edward Iglesias