Eric wrote:

> Unfortunately IE's behavior is weird. The first time someone tries to load
> one of these URL nothing happens. When someone tries to load another one, it
> loads just fine. When they re-try the first one, it loads. We are banging
> our heads against the wall here at Catholic Pamphlet Central. Networking
> issue? Port issue? IE PDF plug-in? Invalid HTTP headers? On-campus versus
> off-campus issue?

Thank you for all the replies.

We'er not one hundred percent positive, but we think the issue with IE has something to do with headers. As alluded to previously, IE needs/desires file name extensions in order to know what to do with incoming files. We are serving these PDF documents from Fedora which is sending out a stream, not necessarily a file. Apparently this confuses IE. Since Fedora is not really designed to be a "file server", we will write a piece of intermediary software to act as a go between. This isn't really a big deal since all of our other implementations of Fedora are expected to work in the same way. Wish us luck.

Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame