On 02/08/11 08:22, Peter Murray wrote:
> Colleagues -- please excuse the cross-posting; I've found the circle of people potentially interested in this was wider than I thought.
> As part of the Mellon Foundation grant funding the start-up of LYRASIS Technology Services, LTS is to produce a series of tools that enable libraries to decide whether open source is right for their environments.  I’ve put a page up on the Code4Lib wiki ( describing the kinds of tools that will initially fall into this area.  After review by the LTS Advisory Panel and comments from the community, statements of work will be drafted for consultants to create these tools and the work will be let out for contract. The completed tools will be turned into web documents in the form of whitepapers, checklists, spreadsheets, etc., and published along with the open source software registry now under development. To encourage consultants to share their knowledge, we are considering allowing consultants to identify themselves in the text of the document (e.g. “Prepared for LYRASIS with funding from the 2011-2012 Mellon Found
ation Open Source Support Grant by name of consultant.”)

Two points:

(1) The model seems appears not to capture "Project A builds on Project 
B" This will make the model less-than-optimal for comparing (for 
example) an open source Project A with an propriety Project B when B is 
a fork of A.

(2) Standards. They appear not to be mentioned at all.

Stuart Yeates
Library Technology Services