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Mountain West Digital Library releases new Dublin Core Application Profile

The Metadata Task Force of the Utah Academic Consortium's Digitization Committee has been working to improve the end user searching experience on the Mountain West Digital Library through updating our metadata standards.  Our goal was to improve consistency in metadata entry and harvesting and also to take advantage of the expanded set of Dublin Core terms made available by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
The 2.0 version of the Mountain West Digital Library Dublin Core Application Profile is now available for downloading and use from the Mountain Digital Library website at, on the "About" page.  This Application Profile supersedes the 2006 Metadata Guidelines for the Mountain West Digital Library and the CDP Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices for use with metadata harvested into the MWDL.

The Profile is accompanied by a set of General Guidelines for Digital Metadata, also available on the "About" page of, which offer more detailed explanations and examples on how to handle specific metadata cases and issues that have been cloudy in the past.  The Guidelines are a living document that will be updated as the need arises.

We welcome your use of this new Dublin Core application profile. Plans are currently being made for online training opportunities this fall through the Digitization Committee's webinar series.  Any questions or comments may be sent to Kayla Willey ([log in to unmask]), Gina Strack ([log in to unmask]), or Sandra McIntyre ([log in to unmask]). 


Metadata Task Force of the Digitization Committee of Utah Academic Library Consortium

Kayla Willey, Chair 2011, Brigham Young University
Cheryl Walters, Chair 2009/2010, Utah State University
Tawnya Mosier Keller, University of Utah
Cory Lampert, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ray Matthews, Utah State Library
Sandra McIntyre, Mountain West Digital Library
Allyson Mower, University of Utah
Ed Riding, LDS Church History Library
Jan Robertson, University of Utah
Silvia Southwick, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Gina Strack, Utah State Archives
Liz Woolcott, Utah State University

Posted by Sandra McIntyre


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