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If you are interested in joining the work of the Outreach Working Group, contact Carol or Butch or join the content listserv at: 

The Outreach Working Group has been very active this year. Please see the update on their work below.

The Outreach Working Group is leveraging collective resources to inspire and enable a better understanding of digital preservation issues, best practices, tools and services from among NDSA Working Group member organizations. Outreach Working Group activities include: 

Building the "Digital Preservation in a Box" Resources:
"Digital Preservation in a Box" is designed as a gentle introduction to the concepts of preserving your personal digital information. This box of resources, which is both conceptual and physical, can be used to provide introductory-level education those who may have little to no knowledge of digital preservation and digital curation issues.
The initial set of resources along with the Box outline is now available on the Outreach Working Group Wiki. The July meeting open session will allow the Outreach WG to surface additional content and resources and resolved issues around packaging and distribution in preparation for the release of Version 1.0 of the Box shortly after the meeting.  
The current draft of the Box is located at:

Building Public Awareness for Digital Preservation: 
The Outreach WG remains very interested and engaged in working to develop a high-level awareness-building plan for the NDSA and digital preservation. Explorations were made with the Ad Council in late December, and the WG has been examining their recommendations and looking for further opportunities. One idea is to do outreach to corporate partners to try and integrate digital preservation concepts with their tools. 

Social Media and Branding: 
The WG has worked to build the brand of the NDSA by leveraging social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to spread the word on the organization's activities. The WG developed a survey of Outreach Group social media practices that is very revealing about the make-up of the group.

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