Anybody out there using the NY times best seller API to do stuff on their
library websites?
I can't figure out what's wrong with my code here.
Data is returned as "null"; I can't seem to parse the response with jQuery.
Any help would be supercool.
I removed the API key - my code doesn't actually contain 'xxxx'.
Here's the jQuery:

                    //json request to new york times

                    function(data) {
                        //loop through the results with the following
                        $.each(data.results.book_details, function(i,item){
                        //turn the title into a variable
                        var bookTitle = item.title;


Here's a snippet of the JSON response:

    "status": "OK",
    "copyright": "Copyright (c) 2011 The New York Times Company.  All Rights
    "num_results": 35,
    "last_modified": "2011-09-23T12:00:29-04:00",
    "results": [{
        "list_name": "Hardcover Fiction",
        "display_name": "Hardcover Fiction",
        "updated": "WEEKLY",
        "bestsellers_date": "2011-09-17",
        "published_date": "2011-10-02",
        "rank": 1,
        "rank_last_week": 0,
        "weeks_on_list": 1,
        "asterisk": 0,
        "dagger": 0,
        "isbns": [{
            "isbn10": "0399157786",
            "isbn13": "9780399157783"
        "book_details": [{
            "title": "NEW YORK TO DALLAS",
            "description": "An escaped child molester pursues Lt. Eve
Dallas; by Nora Roberts, writing pseudonymously.",
            "contributor": "by J. D. Robb",
            "author": "J D Robb",
            "contributor_note": "",
            "price": 27.95,
            "age_group": "",
            "publisher": "Putnam",
            "primary_isbn13": "9780399157783",
            "primary_isbn10": "0399157786"
        "reviews": [{
            "book_review_link": "",
            "first_chapter_link": "",
            "sunday_review_link": "",
            "article_chapter_link": ""

Nate Hill
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