Try looking at our FOSS DL system VuDL, []

It is a standalone repository of METS xml and file data that is exposed via OAI-PMH. The indexing and frontend are handled by VuFind [] or by any other system capable of harvesting OAI records (theoretically)

David Lacy
Falvey Library Technology Services
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> The Internet Archive's Book Reader might also fit into your model:

I recall finding this and thinking it cool, but that it's only a 
frontend library (i.e. JS/CSS); I'm chiefly interested (at this point) 
in the backend data storage, metadata, structure, indexing, etc.

Thanks to the recommenders of XTF, looks like this is what I hadn't 
stumbled across before.

Calibre seems to be a tool to manage and perhaps share one's personal 
ebook collection, but not for hosting.

Forgot to mention in my initial salvo: I tried toying around with 
Drupal. We built our main website in D6. I looked at D7 for this, and 
was left with the impression that the D7 data model and Field API 
(really the API) is complex enough that it's not worth learning it 
unless you're going to be developing Drupal apps on a serious and 
continuous basis.

I truly could not fathom the API calls involved in doing anything 
interesting with content types, etc. Like spending 45 minutes wading 
through docs and tuts to write a few lines of field-definition code. And 
not being able to do it again the next day. May as well just create my 
own tables, but that defeats the whole point of using the Drupal APIs. 
Sorry for hijacking my own thread into a Drupal rant :) If anybody knows 
of any magical tutorials, let me know.

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