I think Roy's question was fair given the ambiguity of the words used and had it truly meant to "develop" (as from the ground up) it could have served as a good conversation starting point about how to determine the need and merits of starting another major project with what appeared to be very limited resources.  Especially when there are many tools readily available from other sources/projects.  

But the clarification has been issued and the response that new wording is likely to be used in subsequent communications.  

Let's accept that and move on.

Carl Grant

On Sep 27, 2011, at 2:18 PM, Ya'aqov Ziso wrote:

> *I think it's a fair question and appropriate for this list.  (Says another
> OCLC employee.) *
> *===========*
> *
> *
> Hi Ralph, you must have more arguments, I'm sure, beyond being an OCLC
> employee for Roy's intervening in another institution's search. Please bring
> them on, thanks, *Ya'aqov*
> p.s. Can a candidate use CODE4LIB's discussion as a backup for her
> candidacy? and if Roy worries for BPL, why doesn't he worry (in writing for
> this list) for other institutions?