Symfony2 is a good choice.

I'd like to see something with a clean user experience like Issuu

These projects might be related:


I, Librarian

Juan Madrigal

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lots of folks use XTF ( for ebook collections


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Hello all,

Can anyone suggest projects or general approaches for providing access to
digitized books on the web? We're not interested in CONTENTdm, Greenstone
has worked for us in the past but will not work for our ongoing projects.

I don't have real experience with DSpace and such repository products, but
they seemed ill-suited for this purpose when I've examined them in the past.
Omeka (at last evaluation) is not compatible with hierarchic objects (like

I am rather amazed that I have not been able to find any FOSS dedicated to
this. I am currently favoring the idea of creating a web app using a decent
framework (symfony2) designed for this purpose (web presentation of
hierarchic text-based entities).

Many thanks,

Yitzchak Schaffer
Systems Manager
Touro College Libraries
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