Here's the problem -- you are missing a switch.  In MarcEdit, the XSLT conversations run through Marc21XML.  To move from MARC21XML to MARC, MarcEdit uses a crosswalk to the mnemonic format.  When you use the GUI -- this value is set for you -- but since it is user configurable, the command-line requires you to set it.  So, for example, here's an example of how it would look running on my machine (below).


Here's a full commandline example:

c:\Program Files\MarcEdit 5.0>cmarcedit -s c:\users\reeset\desktop\2011.xml -d c:\users\reeset\desktop\2011b.mrc -xmlmarc -mxslt c:\program files\MarcEdit 5.0\xslt\MARC21slim2Mnemonic.xsl 

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I'm scripting some batch editing routines and I'd like to use the MarcEdit command line tool to convert Marc21XML to MARC. I can successfully convert using the 5.2 gui but no dice using the command line tool. To this point I've only every used the command line tool to break and make marc files.

Here is my syntax:
C:\Program Files\MarcEdit 5.0>cmarcedit.exe -s xmltest.xml -d xmltest.mrc -xmlmarc Beginning Process...
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Header and namespace info from xml doc:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<collection xsi:schemaLocation='' xmlns='' xmlns:xsi=''>

Should I be referencing an xslt file?

Thanks in advance,

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