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We use Eprints, which scales well.  Just like any other system, there is tweaking that needs to be done on the back end, but it does allow our students to designate how publicly accessible they want their files to be.   

The software itself is freely available: 

We haven't made our instance very pretty, but it is very functional.  We've been using it since 2001 over several versions.  
If you want to see the thesis collection: .  
All our repositories (collectively CODA) are retrievable via 

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I've been looking for an out of the box solution to archive and make
accessible capstone\theses projects to web users. The caveat being that
when the author submits the paper, they would be able provide
permissions and metadata to the document (copyright and access) and,
based on those permissions, the entire document would be made public or
only the metadata. I know that there are large repository software
packages like DSpace or Fedora Commons that probably do this, but I was
looking for something smaller. I don't need to scale to millions of
documents and have all of the potential bells and whistles. Just
something that lets people create an account, upload, set permissions
and the have documents show up in the search interface.

Anything like this around?

Mike Beccaria
Systems Librarian
Head of Digital Initiative
Paul Smith's College
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