Alrighty, folks. I've been sitting here biting my tongue for the past day,
enjoying the humor and grimacing at the overreactions. Common sense tells
me that adding to the conversation will only stoke the flames, but I've
never been known to be common, so let me express my personal views on what
happened here.

I posted an ad for a position that arguably had an ambiguous introduction.
Roy asked three questions regarding the scope of the project based on his
reading of the introductory paragraph. He expressed no opinions, personal
or those of his employer. I welcomed the opportunity to explain and to
learn how the ad could be misread. Future posts of this ad contain five
more characters (u-p-o-n-space) and now read "The successful candidate
will develop upon and maintain the core technical infrastructure..."

That is all. And that's the last I'll say on the matter.


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