We are thrilled to announce the release of an NCIP test bed that works
with the XC NCIP 2 Toolkit (NCIP protocol 2.x).     The test bed is an
installed XC NCIP Toolkit that connects to a training ILS and supports a
subset of NCIP services.   We envision growing the test bed over time.
Please note that testers are interacting with the installed NCIP
Toolkit, not with the ILS directly.

Instructions for the test bed: 

The test page for the test bed can be accessed via Firefox at and we are supplying some
sample XML to make things easier. 

NCIP initiators,  such as developers for resource discovery products,
and other interested parties can use the test bed to test supported
NCIP services. Testing can be done either via the use of a test page or
by directly POSTing XML requests as outlined on the project wiki.  The
test bed currently supports the following services.   

*	Lookup User 
*	Lookup Item Set 
*	Renew Item 

Testing of Lookup User and Lookup Item Set can be done by anyone at
anytime.  Renew Item will actually change underlying data in the ILS.
If you wish to test "Renew Item" we ask that you be in contact with
Randall Cook at rcook at library dot rochester dot edu so he can
facilitate who is using the Renew features at any given time.    The ILS
database will be restored back to baseline each evening.

We would like to send along HUGE thanks to CARLI (Consortium of Academic
and Research Libraries in Illinois) for hosting the test bed and to
Patrick Zurek, one of their developers, for making this possible.  This
test bed is a great way to showcase the work of open source development
contributions that have been made by several other institutions.

Along with the test bed release, we also wish to announce the newest
Voyager connector (and new core) as summarized in the release notes 



Randall Cook, PMP

eXtensible Catalog Organization

University of Rochester River Campus Libraries


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