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> *... IRC is pretty accessible and open and not under the control of one
> private-sector corporation.  I'm somewhat disappointed that g+ is being
> adopted so uncritically ....*
> *=================*
> all in step with disclosing our ideas to OCLC Inc.

Tee-hee!  Now that's a bit different: OCLC is at least theoretically
governed by the libraries that use it.  Users don't own g+.

Sadly, as seems to happen in many co-ops, it seems to me like only a
few OCLC members get to exercise full democratic power because the
libraries, archives and museums elect regional councils that elect
another council that elect the trustees.  The decision-making seems
a bit too far from the grassroots, a democratic deficit.

BUT the input of the councils and the membership is on the
agenda for the upcoming global council meeting next month
so do you think something that might be about to change?

As a member of another co-op in the library space, I live in hope!
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