Ken Irwin wrote:
> Some of our online forms (contact, archives request, etc.) have been
> getting a bunch of spam lately. I have heretofore avoided using any
> of those obnoxious Captcha things and would rather not start now. (I
> personally loathe them and they keep getting harder, which tells me
> that the spambots are probably better at them than we are...)

You are a hero and I wish there were more like you.  I am getting
bored with being locked out of more and more websites.

> Does anyone have some good/easy/free/less-stressful spam-inhibiting ideas? (a FOSS Akismet-like service), manually-maintained
blocklists, trying to design things so that the return on investment
for spammers is fairly low, rate limiting and if you really are stuck, has more ideas and a textual captcha service.

I've been using a combination of those for years and never had much
of a spam problem for long.

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