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> On 10/24/2011 1:15 PM, MJ Ray wrote:
> > trying to design things so that the return on investment
> > for spammers is fairly low,
> In my experience, this is irrelevant. I have spammers spamming my "ask a 
> librarian a question" link, which _only_ results in email to a 
> librarian's inbox (several of them actually). [...]

In that example, they get unfettered priority access to an inbox.  If
it's an easy form to submit, that's a high enough RoI for spambots.
How is that irrelevant?

As others have noted, a honeytrap field seems the most obvious
addition to such a form.  I'd also be fairly liberal with the
blacklisting, as long as alternative contact routes are given (like
how to reach a librarian in person or by phone).

A two-step form would also cut the spammers drastically, in my
experience, but then you're adding a little cost for regular users.
A preview step might result in clearer questions, though!

Hope that informs,
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