Not sure if you're only after library examples, but you might like to
have a look at Mitchell Whitelaw's Commons Explorer, which is an
interface to all the images in the Flickr Commons. It currently runs
as a standalone Java applet:

This built on Mitchell's work on the Visible Archive project, which
explored ways of visualising/browsing the collections of the National
Archives of Australia. He developed two prototypes, one to give a
picture of the whole collection, and one to drill down into a
particular series. See the project blog:

There's also Paul Hagon's experiments in searching Flickr by colour:

Paul is also responsible for the very nice cover browser for the
Australian Womens' Weekly:

I've been playing around with randomness and serendipity in the
History Wall, which brings collection material from the National
Museum of Australia together with material from a variety of other
sources, including the National Library's Trove newspaper database.
This version was created for the Museum's Irish in Australia

There's also a few other little collection browsing demos I've been
playing with here:

I've also been working on finding ways of exploring and visualising
the holding of the National Library's newspaper database. See these
graphs for example:

Most of the graphs are clickable, so you can retrieve sample entries
from the database and start to explore the actual contents. There's
another example of the possibilities here:

Finally (sorry for the long list) you might be interested in
experiments I've been doing lately in using facial detection to
extract photos of people from records of the National Archives of
Australia and use them as a way into the records themselves. There's a
blog post about it here:

And you can browse the faces here:

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Tim

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On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 7:27 AM, Julia Bauder <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Dear fans of cool Web-ness,
> I'm looking for examples of projects that use visual(=largely non-text and
> non-numeric) interfaces to let patrons browse/search collections. Things
> like the GeoSearch on North Carolina Maps[1], or projects that use Simile's
> Timeline or Exhibit widgets[2] to provide access to collections (e.g.,
> what's described here:
>, or
> in-the-wild uses of Recollection[3]. I'm less interested in knowing about
> tools (although I'm never *uninterested* in finding out about cool tools)
> than about production or close-to-production sites that are making good use
> of these or similar tools to provide visual, non-linear access to
> collections. Who's doing slick stuff in this area that deserves a look?
> Thanks!
> Julia
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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