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> I'm one of the developers of Diva. I noticed that you've been getting your
> files from the Internet Archive. They also have the full high-quality JPEG
> and JPEG2000 images available.
> You could use those for Diva instead of the already-compressed PDF.

While I agree that Diva offers a really good on-screen reading experience
(probably the best I've used so far), itself offers a good one

So, for the first book in Eric's list,
the on-screen reader is at

I tried it out in my 3 year old, 2nd generation iPod Touch over the flakey
campus WiFi and found that it displayed quite nicely. You have paging
controls, but can also use touch gestures to scroll and pinch the page
larger. Like Diva, it uses lazy loading techniques, so you don't have to
wait until the whole document is available to start reading.