I am wondering if anyone has experience working with students 
(particularly CIS students) in service learning projects involving the 
library. I am currently supervising four first-year students who are 
working on a brief (10 hour) project involving the usability and 
redesign of the homepage as part of a first year seminar course. 
Obviously we won't get the whole thing done, but it is providing us with 
some valuable student insight into what should be on the page, etc.

I anticipate the CIS department's first-year experience program will 
want to continue this collaboration, so I'm trying to brainstorm some 
projects that might be useful for future semesters particularly for 
freshmen who are just beginning their course of study in computer 
science, information technology, or information systems. This semester's 
project was thrown together in only a few days and I would like to not 
do that again! Ideas would be appreciated.

Best regards,


Ellen Knowlton Wilson
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