On 10/31/11 12:06 PM, Park,Go-Woon wrote:
> I haven't been in Code4Lib conference before, and my friends suggested
> that I should either volunteer or submit talk proposal to guarantee a
> registration ticket. In such hope, I am thinking of proposing a talk and
> hoping to get some input from here.
> I am wondering if people are still interested in developing iPhone Apps.
> About a year ago, we released an iPhone App for the library. It is
> nothing fancy, just library catalog, union catalog, library account
> management, library hours, and library news. However, in the catalog
> module, we created a module for Innovative catalog interface. Basically,
> we can search, display catalogs, and account management on the iPhone
> and Mobile Web without the III's airPAC. One colleague showed interest
> in how we did it, but I am wondering others are interested in as well.

Go ahead and submit it I say.

You will know if people are interested when your submission is voted in. 
If you aren't it only means other items are `more interesting` and not 
necessarily lack of interest. ;-)


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