I completely agree with Pat and Kevin here.  While the "how" of developing an iPhone app will appeal to lots of folks (including me), of interest too would be the "why" you chose an iOS app over an Android app, or perhaps a cross-platform website.  We struggled with this decision too, and ultimately went with a web site.  However, most college surveys indicate an overwhelming number iPhone users compared to other smartphones, so perhaps it makes sense to devote efforts to that 80% first.

So yes, go for it.  The worst that can happen is that you have a ready-made proposal for another venue.  

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> I haven't been in Code4Lib conference before, and my friends suggested 
> that I should either volunteer or submit talk proposal to guarantee a 
> registration ticket. In such hope, I am thinking of proposing a talk 
> and hoping to get some input from here.
I think an interesting thing to hear would be what the decision process was that lead to a native app for iOS.  Was Android discussed?  Was a web-based app optimized for mobile an possibility?  Maintenance of the app?  I would find discussion on or around those lines fascinating.