I just installed EBookDroid (AFAICT the latest and greatest version of VuDroid) from the Android Market and tried it on the color version of Eric's "canary" file. It immediately loads numbered blank pages, then starts rendering the current page, which takes about 20 seconds. Previously rendered pages disappear pretty quickly after scrolling off of them.

I works pretty snappily on other files and looks like it could turn out to be my PDF reader of choice.


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Another idea, if you are looking for an app-based rather than web-based
reader is VuDroid, which supports both PDF and DjVu formats.

I suggest it, not because I use it but because, at least in the Open Library
version of the book's record,
DjVu is listed as a streaming format. If I had an Android, I would give it a

For iOS, there's DjVu reader that seems pretty decent.
I may check it out later tonight.