Look forward to reading the article.  Now that I've been discussing this
with everyone, I intend on including a chapter near the end of the book
about library-created APIs.  Thanks for your help!


On 10/12/11 11:14 AM, "Emily Lynema" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Some folks have mentioned library-created APIs in this thread.
>A couple of staff here at NCSU Libraries wrote up a piece in the Code4Lib
>Journal (wow! back in 2007!) about the API we created for our catalog
>years ago and still use very heavily (for several apps not even developed
>yet when that article was written).
>Our locally developed ERM also provides a set of web services we use to
>populate our journal list and database finder on our public website.
>Externally, we use the standard set of freebies: Google Books,
>HathiTrust, Open Library, OCLC WorldCat API. We subscribe to Syndetics
>and use APIs (sort of) to pull in covers, contents, previews, etc. We
>also subscribe to Summon and use their API. Tempted to use Serials
>Solutions' 360 Link API to create our own version of the service window
>interface, but we've managed not to do that yet!
>-emily lynema
>NCSU Libraries
>Date:    Sat, 8 Oct 2011 13:33:52 -0400
>From:    "Michel, Jason Paul"
>Subject: Examples of Web Service APIs in Academic & Public Libraries
>Hello all,
>I'm a lurker on this listserv and am interested in gaining some insight
>o your experiences of utilizing web service APIs in either an academic
>ary or public library setting.
>I'm writing a book for ALA Editions on the use of Web Service APIs in
>ries.  Each chapter covers a specific API by delineating the
> of the API, discussing potential uses of the API in library settings,
>and =
>step-by-step tutorials.
>I'm already including examples of how my library (Miami University in
>d, Ohio) are utilizing these APIs but would like to give the reader more
>amples from a variety of settings.
>APIs covered in the book: Flickr, Vimeo, Google Charts, Twitter, Open
>ry, LibraryThing, Goodreads, OCLC.
>So, what are you folks doing with APIs?
>Thanks for any insight!
>Kind regards,
>Jason Paul Michel
>User Experience Librarian
>Miami University Libraries
>Oxford, Ohio 45044
>Emily Lynema
>Associate Department Head
>Information Technology, NCSU Libraries
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