Digital Initiatives Librarian
Montana State University Libraries
Search Number: 11202-2

Montana State University Library seeks a Digital Initiatives Librarian to explore, test, implement, build, and support our library's digital and mobile software applications. We are looking for a promising professional who seeks an environment that complements her/his career goals and interests. Technical responsibilities include significant web programming and database work. Design and accessibility responsibilities include: web application design, troubleshooting, and maintenance as well as ongoing application development and evaluation. The position also has a variety of project management responsibilities including coordinating and facilitating communication between library teams and university departments, developing project specifications and documentation, and conducting project evaluations.

*       Facilitate the development of the Library's overall web-based and digital
*       services programs.
*       Act as lead worker for specific projects and working groups as needed.
*       Train and work directly with library staff to help make them more effective content contributors.
*       Maintain ongoing development of the Libraries' web services and digital projects.
*       Incorporate appropriate design principles, information architectures, coding standards, and emerging technologies into the Libraries' various open source web-based systems and projects.
*       Contribute to processes that deliver library content to external discovery and delivery mechanisms, such as: APIs and RESTful web services, search engine optimization, mobile application development, OAI harvesters, and integration with campus learning management systems and social sites.
*       Anticipate web trends, investigate their application in academic libraries, and help to develop new web-based and digital services.

$43,000; 2 year, non-tenure track position (contract renewal possible)

Required Qualifications:
1.      ALA-accredited MLS, MIS, or equivalent.
2.      Demonstrated proficiency with HTML/XHTML/CSS and current trends in web development.
3.      Demonstrated skill with PHP and MySQL (or equivalent technologies) and relational databases to create dynamic web applications.

Screening will begin November 16, 2011 and continue until a suitable candidate is hired.

Full job posting and application submission details: