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Moving to the next generation of library metadata will take intense discussion and planning from both the cataloging and library technology communities. The one-day CURATEcamp: Catalogers and Coders event, held on Wednesday November 2, 2011, as a post-conference to the Digital Library Federation Forum in Baltimore, MD, is an opportunity for metadata specialists and technologists to engage in interactive problem solving and exploration of topics of joint interest, especially in the area of Linked Data. A primary goal is clear articulation of problems related to metadata within the library community, and the beginning of plans that can be taken back to home institutions to address them. This event is being held under the CURATEcamp <<>>, and as such will be structured as an "unconference" with the agenda for the day being set by participants at the event. The morning will be spent articulating common problems and setting the scope for future work. The afternoon will be spent in groups tackling individual problem statements, and taking the first steps towards planning for solutions.

A fuller description of the event is on the CURATEcamp wiki at <>, or on the DLF Forum site at <>. Participants can post ideas for discussion prior to the event at <>. Registration for the event, either alone or together with DLF Forum registration, can be found on the Digital Library Federation site at <>.


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